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choosing a destination

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Sometimes you choose your destination, and sometimes your destination chooses you. Here are several ways that you can choose a destination that fits into what you've already got going on:


One way we have been able to maximize travel destinations is to extend business trips. My husband's airfare is paid for by the company whether he goes to a conference location for 3 days or a week. We also typically have a SWA companion pass so I can ride along for free. If we can find cheap enough airfare, we'll even bring the kids along. No matter where your business trip may take you, there is always something to see or do nearby.


A second way to choose a destination is to tie your travel plans into visiting a friend or relative. If you can stay with them, that's an added bonus. Saving money on lodging is huge. Even if you leave behind a small monetary gift or gift card so that they don't feel taken advantage of, you've still saved money and traveled with purpose.


Decide on a budget and choose a location that fits into that. Maybe the budget will dictate how much gasoline you can put into your vehicle and how many miles you can drive. Maybe your budget will dictate where you can afford to fly. Choosing your budget first will guide your planning by helping to determine other things as well, like if you stay in a hotel or camp, bring your own food or dine out, etc.


When our kids were small we made a goal of getting them to all 50 states before they were 18. Our oldest is now16 and she is at 45 states. So, our destinations have sometimes been chosen to include states that we hadn't yet visited. You could also set a goal to visit all of the National Parks in the United States. Currently there are 62 of them. The National Park System in total has over 400 sites, so there is always a place of interest that is waiting for your visit.

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